From the French Morvan with Love, our very first #vanlife vlog! 😉

Hi dear folks!

Remember that we’ve announced our crazy plan with a campervan not too long ago? Well, since then we’ve spend many conversations about how we can at one hand convert our van in a sustainable way and at the same time use our short time before departure well by choosing for what’s fast, easy and basic. We’ve learned a lot from this process and feel open to share about our dilemmas and questions along the route of converting our van before we’ve hit the road. So enjoy watching our first vlog as vanlifers and stay tuned for more! Please let us know if you’d like to question our choices, want to exchange thoughts on one of the topics. What other tips or tricks can you share with us? We’re happy to hear from you!

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Hilde & Oscar

Our Solar Panels came from Independent Solar Solutions. You can find them at
We really like how they helped us with thorough information. And they gave us a great discount because they support our initiative.