Deep in rural Belgium we found a hidden valley: Shangri-Lah. Peter and Mieke turned it into … yes, into what? Words fail to describe. An attempt: Furby meets spirituality meets the Efteling. Or perhaps: a mystical, harmonious valley. But then again, the spiritual vibe here also invited us to meet some of the darker, unharmonious vibes in ourselves. This place strangely touched us. We felt at ease, yet also emotional. We can neither share this experience fully with words, nor with video.

If your curiosity is tickled: Go here to stay some nights in a trippy cabin and experience the vibe yourself. Mieke and Peter are great hosts and fascinating people. They will tell you all about how they cycled in India, how they met a spiritual guide, how they ran their own restaurant in Rotterdam, and why they left to come live in a valley in Belgium.