Our van tour – simple van conversion for digital nomads in warmer climates


Welcome in our Greeny-in-Betweeny! Say what?! Yes, this is how we named our van after being on the road for a couple of months already. It was about time to give our dear home on wheels a name, like real #vanlifers. ;-). Why have we chosen this name? It’s explained in this new vlog! In this tour through the van we feature how we can shuffle our beds from nighttime setting to daytime use, how we make use of our tiny kitchen and how we create our office to work on our project while using the solar panels. Have fun [...]

Our van tour – simple van conversion for digital nomads in warmer climates2018-10-15T13:46:27+00:00

Sowing seeds, sowing friends


‘Sowing seeds, sowing friends’ was the slogan with which Sementes Vivas came to BOOM festival. This Portuguese organic seeds organisation aims to spread awareness about the positive impact of using organic seeds for healthier soils and a healthier planet. Organic seeds in hands When I was cycling to BOOM festival in Portugal this summer, I found out how deserted the mountains actually were. Many ancient terraces full of old olive trees that weren’t taken care of. Fields overgrown with brambles. Ruins that showed that once life were flourishing here. It was overall dry and the roads were very [...]

Sowing seeds, sowing friends2018-10-14T12:06:25+00:00
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