Who says bread making has to involve strenuous kneading? It doesn’t have to be like that! Michel teaches us how to make sourdough rye-bread. The great thing about his recipe is there is no kneading involved. The preparation of this bread is done in 10 minutes.

Here is the list of ingredients:

590 grams / 1.3 pound of rye flour
540 ml / 18.3 fl oz of water
13 grams / 0.46 oz of salt
6 grams / 0.21 oz of sourdough bread starter


Mix all the ingredients. Put in breadform and leave in a warm place to rise for 24 hours. Bake at 200 degrees for 1 hour and 5 min.
Check out Michel and Sina at their permaculture garden: http://whichgarden.org