Ker Terre – This is what you get when feminine energy blooms


Tucked away in a hidden corner of Brittany, France, we discovered these little gems. Small, enchanting cottages, sculpted by hand from hemp and limestone. The conceiver of this spectacle is Evelyn Adam, who has a strong vision about how living simple, yet warm and comfy, can bring us back to our natural state of being in connection with nature. 

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Cobbing a home with Leen


On the last day before leaving Portugal we met Leen. She is building a cob house on a hill by experimenting with different techniques. She’s showing us the way she saw a good functioning building method in India. She learned it all using Facebook and Youtube. The elements are wool, sand, clay, water, stones. All available nearby. Why she wants to build like this has all to do with the fires. She realizes she wants to live in a natural building that will survive fires and exists for ages. This way her ecological footprint will be smaller. [...]

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