Sowing seeds, sowing friends


‘Sowing seeds, sowing friends’ was the slogan with which Sementes Vivas came to BOOM festival. This Portuguese organic seeds organisation aims to spread awareness about the positive impact of using organic seeds for healthier soils and a healthier planet. Organic seeds in hands When I was cycling to BOOM festival in Portugal this summer, I found out how deserted the mountains actually were. Many ancient terraces full of old olive trees that weren’t taken care of. Fields overgrown with brambles. Ruins that showed that once life were flourishing here. It was overall dry and the roads were very [...]

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How to make adobe bricks – natural bricks from clay, sand and… horse dung!


Stomping around in a heap of horse dung. It’s not something I do every day. But when making natural bricks (so called adobes) this is a necessary part of the process. We have gathered in Happy Valley in Benfeita, Portugal, where Prem and Roshni are building a bathroom with natural materials. Part of the walls will be made from a natural type of brick called ‘adobe’. These bricks are made from a mix of clay, sand, straw and some lovely horse dung. According to Bruno, who is teaching us how to make the bricks, the horse dung helps to provide [...]

How to make adobe bricks – natural bricks from clay, sand and… horse dung!2018-07-28T09:07:38+00:00
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