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Excitement fills the air

Possible camper for us

We have a sweet plan! After a period of visiting a couple of places a month to gain new inspiration and create next vlogs, we have decided we want to bring this initiative to a next level. This means we are shaping and redefining our project, still focused on the quest of finding out what a better way of living means to us.To learn, to develop skills and to meet inspiring examples is our way to go. Our plan is to manifest a campervan to travel to Portugal, where many eco-initiatives can be found.  On the road we’ll keep making videos and other awesome content to share our findings.

Living in a van will make us more conscious about the stuff we actually need, it will demand us to minimize. We are very aware of the fact that going by van is not as sustainable as cycling, but finding a better way to live is a step by step process. We’ll keep questioning ourselves about our next steps and how our investments contribute to living more sustainably in the future.

We’re constantly refining our plans…

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