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In a green home on wheels…

We are on a 6 month journey in our van to learn more about sustainable living, and to find out how we want to live ourselves in the future. We will visit places where people live in new, experimental ways.

Questions we want to explore are: What is true sustainability? Can we live with our current level of comfort in a sustainable way? Or so we have to go back to a simpler way of living if we want to reduce the strain we put on the planet? These questions feel very alive for us and we hope to find some answers in the coming months.

Of course we share our findings with all of you, through blogs, videos and pictures. We always offer our content for free, but we do need to eat! If you want help us, please consider buying us a cup of tea.

France, Spain, Portugal. These countries are the focus of our journey.

We’re constantly refining our plans…

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