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In 2018 we made a 6 month journey in our van to learn more about sustainable living, and to find out how we want to live ourselves in the future. We visited places where people live in new, experimental ways.

It was an incredible adventure. We learned a lot. Not only about sustainable and communal living, but also about ourselves. We learned to relate to each other in new ways, because 6m2 is a very small space to be in. It was a challenge for our relationship, but we feel it made our bond stronger and love is still very much flowing between us!

We traversed through France, Spain and Portugal. There are many different initiatives, which is inspiring. On the flip side we also experienced how hard it is to build a community, how hard it is to live simple and sustainable lives. A lot of funny paradoxes come into play when one is aiming at living small.

A list of all the places we visited as Finding A Better Way To Live can be found here.

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    Journey Highlights

    These are some of the highs (and lows) of our journey, where we share more personal stories of being on the road. Follow us on Instagram for more updates.

    DIE EUCALYPTUS, DIE! Wait, what? Isn't eucalyptus a tree with wonderful medicinal properties? Yes, true, it's a great plant in the right context. And the right context is forests in Australia. But then it was brought to Portugal to start big eucalyptus plantations. It's used to fuel our hunger for paper. In a thriving ecosystem eucalyptus is harmless. In a barren wasteland it's a pest. And that's exactly what big parts of Portugal turned into after the forest fires that are rampant here. Eucalyptus is incredibly resilient. It doesn't die in the fire, the scorched barks just resprout from underneath. That's not the worst part though. In the fire it also managed to spread millions of seeds. The eucalyptus now starts sprouting everywhere. Why is that bad? A mono culture of it acidifies the soil and sucks out a lot of water, thereby making the region prone to more forest fires. Many hills here in Benfeita, where we are volunteering, are starting to get covered in eucalyptus. Luckily there are some wonderful people here who organise 'eucalyptus pulling parties'. Get together on a hill, remove euca for some hours and then enjoy a good lunch together. Thanks to the effort of the idealistic settlers here we might just save some of them from doom. #findingabetterwaytolive #benfeita #portugal #bushfire2017 #forestfires #ecowarrior #eucalyptus #selfsufficiency #monoculture #activism #doingtherightthing #forestrescue #healthyplanet #fightforfuture #nextgeneration #diversevegetation

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    HE IS WALKING HIS PATH Living in our van, having our project and travelling together at the same time is sometimes difficult. We're often able to zoom out to a bigger picture of what we're doing, yet it feels caring to find our own 'better way to live' moment-to-moment. To find inner peace, following our personal rhythm. To be able to take care of our individual beautiful needs. The journey was intense over the past few weeks. We chose to step into this great adventure, yet we're both walking our unique path. I saw Oscar struggling with low energy and severe fatigue. I was asked to hold the situation; to care and to create space. I felt often the bigger source of love from which I could give, but human Hilde felt sometimes alone or frustrated being stuck in the van somewhere and not able to follow the pace of my rhythm. Now we've arrived at our friends land here in Portugal, Oscar expressed his longing to be out of contact for a while, to be on his own in silence, to rest en to completely follow his needs. Since last Monday he's in the camper in retreat somewhere in the near hills while I'm camping in my tent on a mountain terrace near our friends land. I feel at ease now, with calmth and trust, that he's taking care of his needs and walking his path in this live. With Love. ♡ #findingabetterwaytolive #findingfreedom #walkyourpath #findinginnerpeace #retreat #toholdspace #beautifulneeds #trustyourinnervoice #speakfromtheheart #selfconnection #selfcare #vanlifemoments #vanlife #vanlifeproject #vanlifediaries #vanlifecouple #love #givingspace #freedomandconnection #momenttomoment #trust

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