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1407, 2018

Capturing the essence of Shangri-Lah in Belgium is impossible, but here’s an attempt.

By |July 14th, 2018|

Deep in rural Belgium we found a hidden valley: Shangri-Lah. Peter and Mieke turned it into … yes, into what? Words fail to describe. An attempt: Furby meets spirituality meets the Efteling. Or perhaps: a mystical, harmonious valley. But then again, the spiritual vibe here also invited us to meet some of the darker, unharmonious vibes in ourselves. This place strangely touched us. We felt at ease, yet also emotional. We can neither share this experience fully with words, nor with video.

If your curiosity is tickled: Go here to stay some nights in a trippy cabin and experience the vibe yourself. Mieke and Peter are great hosts and fascinating people. They will tell you all about how they cycled in India, how they met a spiritual guide, how they ran their own restaurant in Rotterdam, and why they left to come live in a valley in Belgium.

2305, 2018

Constructing and living together in an Earth House neighbourhood

By |May 23rd, 2018|

It’s like…we’re walking in a Hobbit landscape!
This Dutch neighbourhood consists of 23 “Aardehuizen” (based on Michael Reynolds ‘Earth ship‘ model). We meet residents and talk about their process of constructing and living together in this magical neighbourhood! We learn how they’ve build with tires, cob, strawbales and of course earth. How decisions are made with sociocracy. Which weed is edible and how the composttoilets are used. So much inspiration!

Visit the website of Stichting Aardehuizen in Olst (Earth Houses, Olst) for more information:

Or their Facebook page:

1305, 2018

How we dealt with sustainability dilemmas in our van conversion

By |May 13th, 2018|

From the French Morvan with Love, our very first #vanlife vlog! 😉

Hi dear folks!

Remember that we’ve announced our crazy plan with a campervan not too long ago? Well, since then we’ve spend many conversations about how we can at one hand convert our van in a sustainable way and at the same time use our short time before departure well by choosing for what’s fast, easy and basic. We’ve learned a lot from this process and feel open to share about our dilemmas and questions along the route of converting our van before we’ve hit the road. So enjoy watching our first vlog as vanlifers and stay tuned for more! Please let us know if you’d like to question our choices, want to exchange thoughts on one of the topics. What other tips or tricks can you share with us? We’re happy to hear from you!

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Hilde & Oscar

Our Solar Panels came from Independent Solar Solutions. You can find them at
We really like how they helped us with thorough information. And they gave us a great discount because they support our initiative.

2402, 2018

Our #1 tip to live more sustainable with very little effort

By |February 24th, 2018|

After investing a little bit of your time, you will live greener and more ethical for the rest of your life. What is this magical tip? Watch the video to find out. We followed this tip for ourselves recently and will tell you more about that in a future update.

1502, 2018

7 reasons why we want to go to Portugal in a camper

By |February 15th, 2018|

Our first steps into #vanlife… We want to take our project to the next level and get serious about finding our better way to live. The plan is to get a campervan and travel to Portugal to live and work in sustainable communities. Of course we’ll keep bringing you videos about all the interesting things we hope to discover.
In this video we tell you the 7 reasons why we want to go to Portugal in a campervan.

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