Living in a Magic Valley


Bees, waterfalls, fruit trees, yurtlife on steep hills, a messy garden, rawness and feline cuteness! All in Magic Valley where Haico and Else worked hard to create a place to not only reduce their ecological footprint, but to give something positive back to the earth. It took us a long time to release this video, and in the meantime a lot has changed. The dream is still very much alive, but in a different format. Haico about this video: “You can see the build-up of our land in the summer of 2018. Our first year! What a lovely time. So [...]

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Learn Live Laugh in Luscious Love-Shack Land


Brice Mathey is the conceiver of the Love-Shack concept. They’re impossible to define, but think Hobbit houses, rock ‘n’ roll and ecological living. Put those in a blender, add a dollop of silliness and there you have it. Love-Shack cottages.  We joined Brice to build the 4th iteration. Watch us dig positive energy into the earth, while putting Brice’s most important lesson into practise: Above all, sustainability should be FUN!  Find the Love-Shacks on Facebook: 

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How to make adobe bricks – natural bricks from clay, sand and… horse dung!


Stomping around in a heap of horse dung. It’s not something I do every day. But when making natural bricks (so called adobes) this is a necessary part of the process. We have gathered in Happy Valley in Benfeita, Portugal, where Prem and Roshni are building a bathroom with natural materials. Part of the walls will be made from a natural type of brick called ‘adobe’. These bricks are made from a mix of clay, sand, straw and some lovely horse dung. According to Bruno, who is teaching us how to make the bricks, the horse dung helps to provide [...]

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